Application of Real Estate Law no.19 on current Cases in Dubai

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By : Anas Aloulabi – Legal Consultant

Hi Highness Shikh Moammad bin Rashid as the Governor of Dubai issued  last year law no. 19 for the year 2017 containing some new rules related to real estate issues.  The law made clear the validity of the RERA decisions in relation of  the termination of SPAs, where it considered the said  decisions as Public order nature. However the application of such law on current real estate case was limited by a newly issued doctrine by the Dubai Supreme Court. The Supreme Court found it a suitable time to say is ward in the validity, jurisdiction and governance of the new law on current real estate case, deciding that the new law shall not be applied to real estate cases in which the developer has already terminated the SPA and RESOLD the unit to a 3rd party In light of the aforementioned there’s no fear to go into litigation for any further terminated and resold units that was made before, any case thereof shall be a success (If God wills)

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