Debt collection services

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Debt collection services
The shortest legal Process to recover a BAD Debt is seeking the service of Debt Collection that is usually provided by estimated Legal Firm.
When a Creditor and a Debtor would not be able to settle their dispute related to previous business relationship (whether such dispute relates to commission or Commercial, or constructional transaction) and both of them reach a deadline block, then the appropriate approach for Both the Creditor or the Debtor is to approach a Debt Collection Officer  who will act as a Mediator.
Generally speaking , the Debt collection Officer will represent one party to act on behalf of him, her , it ( Entity or individual ) then he usually meets both the Creditor and Debtor ( separately ) to consider their point of views & and review the supporting documents relate to their dispute. Then, the Debt collection officer will provide both parties with legal advice relates to the dispute and the appropriate way for both of them to settle the dispute amicably to avoid the Litigation action before Courts or Arbitrations.
However, to provide the best services to client, Debt collection officers classify the Disputes to 30 or 40 Categories due to the nature of each Claim such as Commercial , Constructional, Commission, IT, labor etc..
Needless to say, that Debt collection service is a Unique legal Services as it is save Time & Money because, the alternative legal action ( for Creditor or Debtor ) is proceed with litigation service by filing case before Court or Arbitration Center and such will cost the party legal Fee, expense and lawyer professional fee to paid in advance.
We, at Al Bahar & Associates , have been providing Debt collection legal services for the last 17 years

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