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In Circulations nos. 4 of 2020 dated 16 April 2020, and no. 33 of 2020 dated 18 April 2020, Dubai Courts activated the Virtual Courts’ hearings enabling the Lawyers and Public to conduct their Current pending cases of all types (commercial, Civil, Labor, Real Estate, Family Disputes & others) at both levels First and Appeal Stages. Being the virtual hearings  will be held through Microsoft Teams Programs,  Our Technical team  ( 2 days earlier) had  prepared all necessary Technical Instruments  such as setting  up Microsoft Teams App in  Computers , laptop , and smartphones.

Yesterday ( 19 April 2020 ) was the First day of the  Virtual Hearings Attendance before Dubai courts , whereby our Lawyers attended ( in strict formal Code Dresses as if they were personally attending before Court Chamber ) all the  scheduled hearings  at both levels  of First Instance Court and Appeal Court.

It is indeed a very successful & Pioneer Development  in the UAE  Judicial  Procedures that will determine the Future of Our Legal System in UAE as well as it is proved that UAE’s Government is very keen to protects the rights & interests of Litigants whether companies, Investors, labors , individuals or family members.

Mazen Y. Ajjour

CEO – lawyer

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